Hey I just wanted to say,you seem to be a very interesting and lovely person. And I love your view points :D

Awww, why thank you.


-Cuddles.- I hope things start looking up for those around you and I'm glad you're managing to bear this weight.

I’m mostly worried about finances, haha.

I’m just a bit worn out from being everyone’s therapist today. I’m not complaining about that, however. Just being sore and wanting someone to cuddle up to.

Good gods I need someone to cuddle me tonight.

First listening to my mom bawl her eyes out for three hours and trying to help her cope with her mental illness and the loss of employment, to my best friend getting dumped, to one of my close friends going through some really bad shit, today has been me giving people therapy almost non stop.

Goodness, I’m sore as hell and am in need of some therapy myself.

Oh the side effects of being the healer in the party, but I do love my job though. Seriously. I’d have it no other way.

"Comparison is an act of violence against the self."

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