Sent a casual and comedic “hello” to my ex.

And he actually replied.

Life is so fucking weird.

I am really drunk.

I have no one to hang out with because they've all moved away and are mostly busy. Or I'll be busy with mother the day I'm available. You seem surprised I'm a lonely soul. Haha.

People are often surprise that I’m a lonely soul.

Trying to drink a cute boy under the table tonight

On different sides of town.

This should be fun.

I'm going to kik you then if that's okau

I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise. It’s an open invitation of any and all on here.

Is there any way we can talk besides this? You're super cool and I think we might make good friends. If you're good with it?

I have a KIK:


I really enjoy your black tattoo. I was wondering if you wanted to share what your inspiration for it was?

I have before.


It basically means, when it’s all boiled down to it, the uncertanty of life. I chose to make art out of it.

Sometimes, I secretly have the urge to drag myself to your house, and watch movies with you without questions because I have no one to hang out with and you're an awesome guy.

How do you have no one to hang out with?!

Sometimes when I'm drawing I end up making you, because I absolutely love your aesthetic especially your expressions. You are absolutely beautiful!

Awwwww. That’s the best!!


"The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you."

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