"Aliens exist because science" sounds exactly the same as "Science exists because the chupacabra invented it." Am I also the only one that gets agitated at that aliens documentary blaming the great pyramid and shit on aliens then bringing science in?

I get soooooooooooo pissed at that, uuuuggggghhh.

I agree with you on the stop blaming superstitions on science. It's okay to believe in god and ghosts and aliens, but don't say "Jesus saved you" or "Ghosts exist because science" because that really just... Offends all logic of science.


This was my point all along.

From what I know of you and from the limited conversations we've had, I think you're an amazing person and I wish there was something I could do to show support besides an anon message. I am sorry you're going through a bad spot, but I'm also glad you're doing so well with not self harming. Good luck.


I’m glad I have support here.

From now on I'll sign as "The Shy Person", I hope you won't mind that. I don't want to be mean or anything, but I didn't quite get your idea. Do you believe in spirituality, or the fact that science can make everything have an explanation, or both?

I don’t believe in spirituality. At all.

There is a rational and scientific answer to everything.

Im glad you didn't hurt yourself tonight. I know I dont know you but im proud of how long you have been clean. I've been struggling but I haven't relapsed yet. Im 4 months clean so far. Stay strong bby.

Yeah. Last night was brutal.

But thanks


I did it.

It’s been a rough fucking night. My body is in pain and cramping from the emotional stress, but I did it.

I threw away my razors. Cut my finger on accident in the process, but I did it.

Still 5 months self-harm free, but goddamn, tonight was the closest call I’ve had since.

Good gods.